I have taken three different courses offered by the Society of Portrait Sculptors of England and I have exhibited with them.  I can do commission works.  Two to three sittings required.  For the details, please contact me at 3dkaywoo@gmail.com
He tomado tres cursos distintos con la Society of Portrait Sculptors en Inglaterra, y puedo hacer retratos por encargo.  Para más detalles, contacteme por favor.  3dkaywoo@gmail.com
Asier e Inés, patinated bronze, 3/4 size of real heads


Carmen, Jorge, Oscar, bronze, 3/4 scale of real heads


My mother, bronze

Maria Colón, terra cotta

Mr. Tomás Echeverría, bronze

 Paloma, patinated terra cotta

Mini Portrait Project/ mini retratos que miden solo 20cm
 Lisa, terra cotta

 Isidoro, resina patinada

My mother with illness, terra cotta

YoungShin, Miki, Soyoon

Models made at Master Class by Society of Portrait Sculptors

Felicity, at Master Class by Mark Richards in Ludlow, England,2013

Willow, at Master Class in London by Brian Taylor, 2009

Lisa, at Master Class in London by Etienne Millner,2010